What is Football Flash?

Football Flash is the best post truth breaking football news app. We only take new news stories from news providers that are tier one news sources with their own accredited journalists.


Why is Football Flash better than any of the other news apps that are already out there?

There are a lot of good news apps out there. However Football Flash allows you to receive breaking news not just for from a proscribed list of popular searches but on anything you wish at all.


How much does it cost and are there any advertisements?

Football Flash has no advertisements itself. Some of our news providers may embed adds in their news stories but Football Flash has no advertisements at all.


Do I have to register to use Football Flash?

No you don’t. There is no registration process, we don’t need your email address and Football Flash provides itself on maintaining it’s user’s anonymity.


How do I turn off the notifications, sounds, control the number of messages I keep and give any feedback?

If you press the Settings button at the top left of the app . You can then turn off any of the notification settings including sound.


How do I read news stories when there is no WIFI and no phone signal?

Use the save for later button. . This will save any news article you are viewing to your phone (apart from video) so you can view this later when for example you are on the London underground. You can view these saved news stories when you tap the the save for later button from the main screen. You will then see the following saved news stories for you to view at your leisure.


How do delete a tile?

Click the tile menu button (three vertical spots) and then select an option.

Download Football Flash

Our app is available for both iOS and Android, choose your version below.